Payment Policy


Alaskan Glacier

Payment Policy: Full payment is expected at the time of service. You may pay in cash or with a credit card. Dr Matthews is not a provider for Medicare, Medicaid, L&I or any insurance company. If you have out-or-network provider coverage with your insurance, you can submit a superbill to get reimbursement.

Medicare: Dr Matthews is not a Medicare provider. He will see those who have Medicare coverage, but you will need to sign an agreement that states that neither you nor he will bill Medicare for your services with him. Such an agreement does not prevent you from seeing other Medicare providers or from having labs, radiology offices, hospitals, or pharmacies bill Medicare for their services.

Auto Insurance Coverage: Dr Matthews may offer to bill certain Auto Insurance claims if he feels that the insurance carrier is most likely to reimburse him for his services. Some carriers are notorious for delaying or refusing payments. He may choose not to accept the risk of billing them for his services, in which case, payment in full is expected at the time of services rendered. If you have Personal Injury Protection with a reputable carrier, he may choose to bill them for his services.

However, if and when your PIP expires, you will be responsible for the bill at the time of service. If you have health insurance that is willing to subrogate with your auto insurance carrier, you may be reimbursed quickly by them. Again, his staff may offer to courtesy bill them to expedite reimbursement of payment for his services.

Missed Appointments: If you expect to miss an appointment, please call the office to cancel. If you fail to do so, it will be considered a “no show”. If you “no show” more than twice without adequate explanation, his office may bill you for the missed appointments.

Cancellations: Dr Matthews requests that if you must cancel an appointment, that you give the receptionist at least 24 hours notice of the cancellation.  Dr Matthews reserves the right to charge for a cancelled appointment if the cancellation is less than 24 hours before the scheduled visit.