Phone Policies

After Hours and Weekends:
If there is an urgent situation that requires immediate contact with Dr Matthews
after hours or on his off days,  you can call the office phone number, then press “2”
when prompted, to reach his cell phone. There must be an emergent or urgent
need to justify calling during his time off. If you want to leave a non-urgent voice message, press “1” and leave your message.

Dr Matthews will not refill medications after hours or on weekends unless there is an emergent situation. He will not ever fill an opioid prescription.  If you run out or are running low, you must contact the prescribing physician for an appropriate response.

If you have an emergency, call 911 or go to the nearest Emergency Department
for evaluation and treatment. If you feel the situation is not serious enough to
warrant such a response, call Dr Matthews to allow him to judge the seriousness of the
situation and to make appropriate referrals and plans.