I welcome you to learn about how I can help you effectively deal with your chronic pain… Philip Matthews, DO

Chronic pain is a huge public health problem throughout the country. Most people who suffer from chronic pain now find it difficult to obtain the compassionate care they truly need and deserve in order to reclaim their lives. Most physicians have little or no training in pain management, while well-meaning friends and relatives who have never suffered from chronic pain often dismiss its debilitating effects and expect you to stoically adjust as if it weren’t really a major problem.  

In addition, there has been a sea change regarding the guidelines for the use of opioids in managing chronic pain.  Current Washington State Department of Health and CDC standards strongly advise significant lowering of doses for those who were already maintained on higher doses unless adequately justified. Many physicians have reduced or discontinued their use of opioids out of fear of medical board actions and/or due to the administrative burden of caring for chronic pain patients. Consequently, some of these pain patients report worsening of their pain with the lower doses, and an increase in suffering with lower levels of functioning. There is now a great need for finding other means for managing pain and suffering in this large group of patients that don’t rely as much on prescription opioid use.

As an Osteopathic pain specialist trained in integrative pain management, I offer many non-opioid treatment options that will help you to become more functional and to obtain significant pain relief. An integrative approach addresses Body/Mind/Spirit as a whole and includes methods that are drawn from different medical traditions, conventional and complementary. 

The most recent Washington State pain management guidelines emphasize utilizing integrative methods for managing chronic pain. My practice strictly adheres to Washington State’s legal and ethical requirements for pain management. For more information about my practice, please go to About My Practice under About Us.

Regarding my training, I am a certified Advanced Diplomate in Integrative Pain Management through the Academy of Integrative Pain Management.  I am Board Certified by the American Board of Integrative Holistic Medicine.

Together, we can find a healing plan to help you get your life back. I welcome you to my practice.